10 USC 7435 - Foreign interest

(a) If the laws, customs, or regulations of any foreign country deny the privilege of leasing public lands to citizens or corporations of the United States, citizens of that foreign country, or corporations controlled by citizens of that country, may not, by contract made after July 1, 1937, or by stock ownership, holding, or control, acquire or own any interest in, or right to any benefit from, any lease of land in the naval petroleum, naval oil shale, or other naval fuel reserves made under sections 181–184, 185–188, 189–194, 201, 202–209, 211–214, 223, 224–226, 226d, 226e, 227–229a, 241, 251, and 261–263 of title 30, or under this chapter.
(b) The Secretary may cancel any lease for any violation of this section.