10 USC 7432 - Authorizations of appropriations

(a) Funds for the following purposes may not be appropriated unless such appropriations have been specifically authorized by law:
(1) Exploration, prospecting, conservation, development, use, operations, and production of the naval petroleum reserves as authorized by this chapter.
(2) Production (including preparation for production) as authorized by this chapter or as may be authorized after April 5, 1976.
(3) The construction and operation of facilities both within and outside the naval petroleum reserves incident to the production and the delivery of petroleum, including pipelines and shipping terminals.

Sums appropriated for such purposes shall remain available until expended.

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(b) Contracts under this chapter providing for the obligation of funds may be entered into for a period of five years, renewable for an additional five-year period; however, such contracts may obligate funds only to the extent that such funds are made available in appropriation Acts.