10 USC 2922 - Liquid fuels and natural gas: contracts for storage, handling, or distribution

(a) Authority To Contract.— 
The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of a military department may each contract for storage facilities for, or the storage, handling, or distribution of, liquid fuels or natural gas.
(b) Period of Contract.— 
The period of a contract entered into under subsection (a) may not exceed 5 years. However, the contract may provide options for the Secretary to renew the contract for additional periods of not more than 5 years each, but not for more than a total of 20 years.
(c) Option To Purchase Facility.— 
A contract under this section may contain an option for the purchase by the United States of the facility covered by the contract at the expiration or termination of the contract, without regard to subsections (a) and (b) of section 3324 of title 31, and before approval of title to the underlying land by the Attorney General.