10 USC 2851 - Supervision of military construction projects

(a) Supervision of Military Department Projects.— 
Each contract entered into by the United States in connection with a military construction project or a military family housing project shall be carried out under the direction and supervision of the Secretary of the Army (acting through the Chief of Engineers), the Secretary of the Navy (acting through the Commander of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command), or such other department or Government agency as the Secretary of Defense approves to assure the most efficient, expeditious, and cost-effective completion of the project.
(b) Supervision of Defense Agency Projects.— 
A military construction project for an activity or agency of the Department of Defense (other than a military department) financed from appropriations for military functions of the Department of Defense shall be accomplished by or through a military department designated by the Secretary of Defense.
(c) Maintenance of Military Construction Information on Internet; Access.— 

(1) The Secretary of Defense shall maintain an Internet site that, when activated by a person authorized under paragraph (3), will permit the person to access and view on a separate page of the Internet site a document or other file containing the information required by paragraph (2) for the following:

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(A) Each military construction project or military family housing project that has been specifically authorized by Act of Congress.
(B) Each project carried out with funds authorized for the operation and maintenance of military family housing.
(C) Each project carried out with funds authorized for the improvement of military family housing units.
(D) Each unspecified minor construction project carried out under the authority of section 2805 (a) of this title.
(E) Each military construction project or military family housing project regarding which a statutory requirement exists to notify Congress.
(2) The information to be provided via the Internet site required by paragraph (1) for each project described in such paragraph shall include the following:
(A) The solicitation date and award date (or anticipated dates) for each contract entered into (or to be entered into) by the United States in connection with the project.
(B) The contract recipient, contract award amount, construction milestone schedule proposed by the contractor, and construction completion date stipulated in the awarded contract.
(C) The most current Department of Defense Form 1391, Military Construction Project Data, for the project.
(D) The progress of the project, including the percentage of construction currently completed and the current estimated construction completion date.

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(E) The current contract obligation of funds for the project, including any changes to the original contract award amount.
(F) The estimated final cost of the project and, if the estimated final cost of the project exceeds the amount appropriated for the project and funds have been provided from another source to meet the increased cost, the source of the funds and the amount provided.
(G) If funds appropriated for the project have been diverted for use in another project, the project to which the funds were diverted and the amount so diverted.
(H) For accounts such as planning and design, unspecified minor construction, and family housing operation and maintenance, detailed information regarding expenditures and anticipated expenditures under these accounts and the purposes for which the expenditures are made.
(3) Access to the Internet site required by paragraph (1) shall be restricted to the following persons:
(A) Members of the congressional defense committees and their staff.
(B) Staff of the congressional defense committees.
(4) The information required to be provided for each project described in paragraph (1) shall be made available to the persons referred to in paragraph (3) not later than 90 days after the award of a contract or delivery order for the project. The Secretary of Defense shall update the required information as promptly as practicable, but not less frequently than once a month, to ensure that the information is available to such persons in a timely manner.