10 USC 2539b - Availability of samples, drawings, information, equipment, materials, and certain services

(a) Authority.— 
The Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the military departments, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense and when determined by the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary concerned to be in the interest of national defense, may each
(1) sell, rent, lend, or give samples, drawings, and manufacturing or other information (subject to the rights of third parties) to any person or entity;
(2) sell, rent, or lend government equipment or materials to any person or entity
(A) for use in independent research and development programs, subject to the condition that the equipment or material be used exclusively for such research and development; or

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(B) for use in demonstrations to a friendly foreign government;
(3) make available to any person or entity, at an appropriate fee, the services of any government laboratory, center, range, or other testing facility for the testing of materials, equipment, models, computer software, and other items; and
(4) make available to any person or entity, through leases, contracts, or other appropriate arrangements, facilities, services, and equipment of any government laboratory, research center, or range, if the facilities, services, and equipment provided will not be in direct competition with the domestic private sector.
(b) Confidentiality of Test Results.— 
The results of tests performed with services made available under subsection (a)(3) are confidential and may not be disclosed outside the Federal Government without the consent of the persons for whom the tests are performed.
(c) Fees.— 
Fees made available under subsections (a)(3) and (a)(4) shall be established in the regulations prescribed pursuant to subsection (a). Such fees may not exceed the amount necessary to recoup the direct and indirect costs involved, such as direct costs of utilities, contractor support, and salaries of personnel that are incurred by the United States to provide for the testing.
(d) Use of Fees.— 
Fees received under subsections (a)(3) and (a)(4) may be credited to the appropriations or other funds of the activity making such services available.