10 USC 2352 - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency: biennial strategic plan

(a) Requirement for Strategic Plan.— 
Every other year, and in time for submission to Congress under subsection (c), the Director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency shall prepare a strategic plan for the activities of that agency.
(b) Contents.— 
The strategic plan required by subsection (a) shall include the following matters:
(1) The long-term strategic goals of that agency.
(2) Identification of the research programs of that agency that support

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(A) achievement of those strategic goals; and
(B) exploitation of opportunities that hold the potential for yielding significant military benefits.
(3) The connection of the activities and programs of that agency to activities and missions of the armed forces.
(4) A technology transition strategy for the programs of that agency.
(5) A description of the policies of that agency on the management, organization, and personnel of that agency.
(c) Submission of Plan to Congress.— 
The Secretary of Defense shall submit to Congress the strategic plan most recently prepared under subsection (a) at the same time that the President submits to Congress the budget for an even-numbered fiscal year under section 1105 (a) of title 31.