10 USC 1407a - Retired pay base: officers retired in general or flag officer grades

(a) Rates of Basic Pay to Be Used in Determination.— 
In a case in which the determination under section 1406 or 1407 of this title of the retired pay base applicable to the computation of the retired pay of a covered general or flag officer involves a rate of basic pay payable to that officer for any period that was subject to a reduction under section 203 (a)(2) of title 37 for such period, such retired-pay-base determination shall be made using the rate of basic pay for such period provided by law, rather than such rate as so reduced.
(b) Covered General and Flag Officers.— 
In this section, the term covered general or flag officer means a member or former member who after September 30, 2006, is retired in a general officer grade or flag officer grade.