10 USC 12503 - Ready Reserve: funeral honors duty

(a) Order to Duty.— 
A member of the Ready Reserve may be ordered to funeral honors duty, with the consent of the member, in preparation for or to perform funeral honors functions at the funeral of a veteran as defined in section 1491 of this title. Performance of funeral honors duty by a Reserve not on active duty shall be treated as inactive-duty training (including with respect to travel to and from such duty) for purposes of any provision of law other than sections 206 and 435 of title 37.
(b) Service Credit.— 
A member ordered to funeral honors duty under this section shall be required to perform a minimum of two hours of such duty in order to receive
(1) service credit under section 12732 (a)(2)(E) of this title; and
(2) as directed by the Secretary concerned, either
(A) the allowance under section 435 of title 37; or
(B) compensation under section 206 of title 37.
(c) Reimbursable Expenses.— 
A member who performs funeral honors duty under this section may be reimbursed for travel and transportation expenses incurred in conjunction with such duty as authorized under chapter 7 of title 37 if such duty is performed at a location 50 miles or more from the members residence.
(d) Regulations.— 
The exercise of authority under subsection (a) is subject to regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Defense.
(e) Members of the National Guard.— 
This section does not apply to members of the Army National Guard of the United States or the Air National Guard of the United States. The performance of funeral honors duty by those members is provided for in section 115 of title 32.