10 USC 1109 - Organ and tissue donor program

(a) Responsibilities of the Secretary of Defense.— 
The Secretary of Defense shall ensure that the advanced systems developed for recording armed forces members personal data and information (such as the SMARTCARD, MEDITAG, and Personal Information Carrier) include the capability to record organ and tissue donation elections.
(b) Responsibilities of the Secretaries of the Military Departments.— 
The Secretaries of the military departments shall ensure that
(1) appropriate information about organ and tissue donation is provided
(A) to each officer candidate during initial training; and
(B) to each recruit
(i) after completion by the recruit of basic training; and
(ii) before arrival of the recruit at the first duty assignment of the recruit;
(2) members of the armed forces are given recurring, specific opportunities to elect to be organ or tissue donors during service in the armed forces and upon retirement; and
(3) members of the armed forces electing to be organ or tissue donors are encouraged to advise their next of kin concerning the donation decision and any subsequent change of that decision.
(c) Responsibilities of the Surgeons General of the Military Departments.— 
The Surgeons General of the military departments shall ensure that
(1) appropriate training is provided to enlisted and officer medical personnel to facilitate the effective operation of organ and tissue donation activities under garrison conditions and, to the extent possible, under operational conditions; and
(2) medical logistical activities can, to the extent possible without jeopardizing operational requirements, support an effective organ and tissue donation program.