10 USC 1095a - Medical care: members held as captives and their dependents

(a) Under regulations prescribed by the President, the Secretary concerned shall pay (by advancement or reimbursement) any person who is a former captive, and any dependent of that person or of a person who is in a captive status, for health care and other expenses related to such care, to the extent that such care
(1) is incident to the captive status; and
(2) is not covered
(A) by any other Government medical or health program; or

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(B) by insurance.
(b) In the case of any person who is eligible for medical care under section 1074 or 1076 of this title, such regulations shall require that, whenever practicable, such care be provided in a facility of the uniformed services.
(c) In this section:
(1) The terms captive status and former captive have the meanings given those terms in section 559 of title 37.
(2) The term dependent has the meaning given that term in section 551 of that title.