50 USC 2747 - Authority for emergency planning, design, and construction activities

(a) Authority 
The Secretary of Energy may use any funds available to the Department of Energy pursuant to a DOE national security authorization, including funds authorized to be appropriated for advance planning, engineering, and construction design, and for plant projects, to perform planning, design, and construction activities for any Department of Energy national security program construction project that, as determined by the Secretary, must proceed expeditiously in order to protect public health and safety, to meet the needs of national defense, or to protect property.
(b) Limitation 
The Secretary may not exercise the authority under subsection (a) in the case of a construction project until the Secretary has submitted to the congressional defense committees a report on the activities that the Secretary intends to carry out under this section and the circumstances making those activities necessary.
(c) Specific authority 
The requirement of section 2746 (b)(2) of this title does not apply to emergency planning, design, and construction activities conducted under this section.