50 USC 403k - Authority to pay death gratuities

(1) The Director may pay a gratuity to the surviving dependents of any officer or employee of the Agency who dies as a result of injuries (other than from disease) sustained outside the United States and whose death
(A) resulted from hostile or terrorist activities; or
(B) occurred in connection with an intelligence activity having a substantial element of risk.

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(2) The provisions of this subsection shall apply with respect to deaths occurring after June 30, 1974.
(b) Any payment under subsection (a) of this section
(1) shall be in an amount equal to the amount of the annual salary of the officer or employee concerned at the time of death;
(2) shall be considered a gift and shall be in lieu of payment of any lesser death gratuity authorized by any other Federal law; and
(3) shall be made under the same conditions as apply to payments authorized by section 3973 of title 22.