49 USC 5339 - Alternatives analysis program

(a) Grants and Agreements.— 
Under criteria established by the Secretary, the Secretary may award grants to States, authorities of the States, metropolitan planning organizations, and local governmental authorities to develop alternatives analyses as defined by section 5309 (a)(1).
(b) Government’s Share of Costs.— 
The Governments share of the cost of an activity funded using amounts made available under this section may not exceed 80 percent of the cost of the activity.
(c) Availability of Funds.— 
An amount made available or appropriated under section 5338 (b)(2)(L) for this section shall remain available for 3 fiscal years, including the fiscal year in which the amount is made available or appropriated. Any of such amounts that are unobligated at the end of the 3-fiscal-year period may be used by the Secretary for any purpose under this section.