43 USC 1241 - Control of noxious plants on Government lands; State programs; terms of entry

The heads of Federal departments or agencies are authorized and directed to permit the commissioner of agriculture or other proper agency head of any State in which there is in effect a program for the control of noxious plants to enter upon any lands under their control or jurisdiction and destroy noxious plants growing on such land if
(1) such entry is in accordance with a program submitted to and approved by such department or agency: Provided, That no entry shall occur when the head of such Federal department or agency, or his designee, shall have certified that entry is inconsistent with national security;
(2) the means by which noxious plants are destroyed are acceptable to the head of such department or agency; and
(3) the same procedure required by the State program with respect to privately owned land has been followed.

43 USC 1242 - Reimbursement of States for expenses

Any State incurring expenses pursuant to section 1241 of this title upon presentation of an itemized account of such expenses shall be reimbursed by the head of the department or agency having control or jurisdiction of the land with respect to which such expenses were incurred: Provided, That such reimbursement shall be only to the extent that funds appropriated specifically to carry out the purposes of this subchapter are available therefor during the fiscal year in which the expenses are incurred.

43 USC 1243 - Authorization of appropriations

There are hereby authorized to be appropriated to departments or agencies of the Federal Government such sums as the Congress may determine to be necessary to carry out the purposes of this subchapter.