42 USC 17124 - Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency Finance

(a) Establishment 
The Secretary, acting through the Assistant Secretary of Energy for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, shall establish an Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency Finance to provide advice and recommendations to the Department on energy efficiency finance and investment issues, options, ideas, and trends, and to assist the energy community in identifying practical ways of lowering costs and increasing investments in energy efficiency technologies.
(b) Membership 
The advisory committee established under this section shall have a balanced membership that shall include members with expertise in
(1) availability of seed capital;
(2) availability of venture capital;

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(3) availability of other sources of private equity;
(4) investment banking with respect to corporate finance;
(5) investment banking with respect to mergers and acquisitions;
(6) equity capital markets;
(7) debt capital markets;
(8) research analysis;
(9) sales and trading;
(10) commercial lending; and
(11) residential lending.
(c) Termination 
The Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency Finance shall terminate on the date that is 10 years after December 19, 2007.

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(d) Authorization of appropriations 
There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary to the Secretary for carrying out this section.