42 USC 17123 - Green Building Advisory Committee

(a) Establishment 
Not later than 180 days after December 19, 2007, the Federal Director, in coordination with the Commercial Director, shall establish an advisory committee, to be known as the Green Building Advisory Committee.
(b) Membership 

(1) In general 
The Committee shall be composed of representatives of, at a minimum
(A) each agency referred to in section 17081 (e) of this title; and

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(B) other relevant agencies and entities, as determined by the Federal Director, including at least 1 representative of each of
(i) State and local governmental green building programs;
(ii) independent green building associations or councils;
(iii) building experts, including architects, material suppliers, and construction contractors;
(iv) security advisors focusing on national security needs, natural disasters, and other dire emergency situations;
(v) public transportation industry experts; and
(vi) environmental health experts, including those with experience in childrens health.
(2) Non-Federal members 
The total number of non-Federal members on the Committee at any time shall not exceed 15.
(c) Meetings 
The Federal Director shall establish a regular schedule of meetings for the Committee.
(d) Duties 
The Committee shall provide advice and expertise for use by the Federal Director in carrying out the duties under this part, including such recommendations relating to Federal activities carried out under sections 434 through 4361 as are agreed to by a majority of the members of the Committee.

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(e) FACA exemption 
The Committee shall not be subject to section 14 of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 U.S.C. App.).
[1] See References in Text note below.