42 USC 17093 - Federal green building performance

(a) In general 
Not later than October 31 of each of the 2 fiscal years following the fiscal year in which this Act is enacted, and at such times thereafter as the Comptroller General of the United States determines to be appropriate, the Comptroller General of the United States shall, with respect to the fiscal years that have passed since the preceding report
(1) conduct an audit of the implementation of this part, section 6834 (a)(3)(D) of this title, and section 17091 of this title; and
(2) submit to the Federal Director, the Advisory Committee, the Administrator, and Congress a report describing the results of the audit.
(b) Contents 
An audit under subsection (a) shall include a review, with respect to the period covered by the report under subsection (a)(2), of

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(1) budget, life-cycle costing, and contracting issues, using best practices identified by the Comptroller General of the United States and heads of other agencies in accordance with section 17092 (d) of this title;
(2) the level of coordination among the Federal Director, the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Energy, and relevant agencies;
(3) the performance of the Federal Director and other agencies in carrying out the implementation plan;
(4) the design stage of high-performance green building measures;
(5) high-performance building data that were collected and reported to the Office; and
(6) such other matters as the Comptroller General of the United States determines to be appropriate.
(c) Environmental Stewardship Scorecard 
The Federal Director shall consult with the Advisory Committee to enhance, and assist in the implementation of, the Office of Management and Budget government efficiency reports and scorecards under section 17144 of this title and the Environmental Stewardship Scorecard announced at the White House summit on Federal sustainable buildings in January 2006, to measure the implementation by each Federal agency of sustainable design and green building initiatives.