42 USC 17083 - Public outreach

The Commercial Director and Federal Director, in coordination with the Consortium, shall carry out public outreach to inform individuals and entities of the information and services available governmentwide by
(1) establishing and maintaining a national high-performance green building clearinghouse, including on the Internet, that
(A) identifies existing similar efforts and coordinates activities of common interest; and
(B) provides information relating to high-performance green buildings, including hyperlinks to Internet sites that describe the activities, information, and resources of
(i) the Federal Government;

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(ii) State and local governments;
(iii) the private sector (including nongovernmental and nonprofit entities and organizations); and
(iv) international organizations;
(2) identifying and recommending educational resources for implementing high-performance green building practices, including security and emergency benefits and practices;
(3) providing access to technical assistance, tools, and resources for constructing high-performance green buildings, particularly tools to conduct life-cycle costing and life-cycle assessment;
(4) providing information on application processes for certifying a high-performance green building, including certification and commissioning;
(5) providing to the public, through the Commercial Director, technical and research information or other forms of assistance or advice that would be useful in planning and constructing high-performance green buildings;
(6) using such additional methods as are determined by the Commercial Director to be appropriate to conduct public outreach;
(7) surveying existing research and studies relating to high-performance green buildings; and
(8) coordinating activities of common interest.