42 USC 7590 - General provisions

(a) State refueling facilities 
If any State adopts enforceable provisions in an implementation plan applicable to a nonattainment area which provides that existing State refueling facilities will be made available to the public for the purchase of clean alternative fuels or that State-operated refueling facilities for such fuels will be constructed and operated by the State and made available to the public at reasonable times, taking into consideration safety, costs, and other relevant factors, in approving such plan under section 7410 of this title and part D,[1] the Administrator may credit a State with the emission reductions for purposes of part D[1] attributable to such actions.
(b) No production mandate 
The Administrator shall have no authority under this part to mandate the production of clean-fuel vehicles except as provided in the California pilot test program or to specify as applicable the models, lines, or types of, or marketing or price practices, policies, or strategies for, vehicles subject to this part. Nothing in this part shall be construed to give the Administrator authority to mandate marketing or pricing practices, policies, or strategies for fuels.
(c) Tank and fuel system safety 
The Secretary of Transportation shall, in accordance with chapter 301 of title 49, promulgate applicable regulations regarding the safety and use of fuel storage cylinders and fuel systems, including appropriate testing and retesting, in conversions of motor vehicles.
(d) Consultation with Department of Energy and Department of Transportation 
The Administrator shall coordinate with the Secretaries of the Department of Energy and the Department of Transportation in carrying out the Administrators duties under this part.
[1] So in original. Probably should be “part D of subchapter I of this chapter”.