42 USC 6601 - Congressional findings; priority goals

(a) The Congress, recognizing the profound impact of science and technology on society, and the interrelations of scientific, technological, economic, social, political, and institutional factors, hereby finds and declares that
(1) the general welfare, the security, the economic health and stability of the Nation, the conservation and efficient utilization of its natural and human resources, and the effective functioning of government and society require vigorous, perceptive support and employment of science and technology in achieving national objectives;
(2) the many large and complex scientific and technological factors which increasingly influence the course of national and international events require appropriate provision, involving long-range, inclusive planning as well as more immediate program development, to incorporate scientific and technological knowledge in the national decisionmaking process;
(3) the scientific and technological capabilities of the United States, when properly fostered, applied, and directed, can effectively assist in improving the quality of life, in anticipating and resolving critical and emerging international, national, and local problems, in strengthening the Nations international economic position, and in furthering its foreign policy objectives;
(4) Federal funding for science and technology represents an investment in the future which is indispensable to sustained national progress and human betterment, and there should be a continuing national investment in science, engineering, and technology which is commensurate with national needs and opportunities and the prevalent economic situation;
(5) the manpower pool of scientists, engineers, and technicians, constitutes an invaluable national resource which should be utilized to the fullest extent possible; and
(6) the Nations capabilities for technology assessment and for technological planning and policy formulation must be strengthened at both Federal and State levels.
(b) As a consequence, the Congress finds and declares that science and technology should contribute to the following priority goals without being limited thereto:
(1) fostering leadership in the quest for international peace and progress toward human freedom, dignity, and well-being by enlarging the contributions of American scientists and engineers to the knowledge of man and his universe, by making discoveries of basic science widely available at home and abroad, and by utilizing technology in support of United States national and foreign policy goals;
(2) increasing the efficient use of essential materials and products, and generally contributing to economic opportunity, stability, and appropriate growth;
(3) assuring an adequate supply of food, materials, and energy for the Nations needs;
(4) contributing to the national security;
(5) improving the quality of health care available to all residents of the United States;
(6) preserving, fostering, and restoring a healthful and esthetic natural environment;
(7) providing for the protection of the oceans and coastal zones, and the polar regions, and the efficient utilization of their resources;
(8) strengthening the economy and promoting full employment through useful scientific and technological innovations;
(9) increasing the quality of educational opportunities available to all residents of the United States;
(10) promoting the conservation and efficient utilization of the Nations natural and human resources;
(11) improving the Nations housing, transportation, and communication systems, and assuring the provision of effective public services throughout urban, suburban, and rural areas;
(12) eliminating air and water pollution, and unnecessary, unhealthful, or ineffective drugs and food additives; and
(13) advancing the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space.