42 USC 249 - Medical care and treatment of quarantined and detained persons

(a) Persons entitled to treatment 
Any person when detained in accordance with quarantine laws, or, at the request of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, any person detained by that Service, may be treated and cared for by the Public Health Service.
(b) Temporary treatment in emergency cases 
Persons not entitled to treatment and care at institutions, hospitals, and stations of the Service may, in accordance with regulations of the Surgeon General, be admitted thereto for temporary treatment and care in case of emergency.
(c) Authorization for outside treatment 
Persons whose care and treatment is authorized by subsection (a) of this section may, in accordance with regulations, receive such care and treatment at the expense of the Service from public or private medical or hospital facilities other than those of the Service, when authorized by the officer in charge of the station at which the application is made.