41 USC 115 - Personal financial liability of contracting officers

(a) Whenever any payment is made from Government funds to any war contractor or other person as an advance, partial or final payment on any termination claim, or pursuant to any loan, guaranty, or agreement for the purchase of any loan, or any commitment in connection therewith, entered into by the Government, no officer or other Government agent authorizing or approving such payment or settlement, or certifying the voucher for such payment, or making the payment in accordance with a duly certified voucher, shall be personally liable for such payment, in the absence of fraud on his part. In settling the accounts of any disbursing officer the Government Accountability Office shall allow any such disbursements made by him notwithstanding any other provisions of law.
(b) For the purpose of making termination settlements or interim financing any Government agency is authorized to rely upon such certificates of war contractors as it deems proper and to permit war contractors and other persons to rely upon such certificates without financial liability in the absence of fraud on their part.