41 USC 111 - Termination of contracts

(a) Advance notice; prime contracts 
In order to facilitate the efficient use of materials, manpower, and facilities for war and civilian purposes, each contracting agency
(1) shall provide its prime contractors with notice of termination of their prime contracts as far in advance of the cessation of work thereunder as is feasible and consistent with the national security without permitting unneeded production or performance;
(2) shall establish procedures whereby prime contractors shall provide affected subcontractors with immediate notice of termination; and
(3) shall permit the continuation of some or all of the work under a terminated prime contract whenever the agency deems that such continuation will benefit the Government or is necessary to avoid substantial injury to the plant or property.

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(b) Cessation of work without termination 
Whenever a contracting agency hereafter directs a prime contractor to cease or suspend all or a substantial part of the work under a prime contract, without terminating the contract, then, unless the contract provides otherwise,
(1)  the contracting agency shall compensate the contractor for reasonable costs and expenses resulting from such cessation or suspension, and
(2)  if the cessation or suspension extends for thirty days or more, the contractor may elect to treat it as a termination by delivering written notice of his election so to do to the contracting agency, at any time before the contracting agency directs the prime contractor to resume work under the contract.
(c) Authority of Administrator of General Services; classes of contracts 
The Administrator of General Services shall have no authority under this chapter to regulate or control the classes of contracts to be terminated by the contracting agencies.