41 USC 101 - Declaration of policy

The Congress declares that the objectives of this chapter are
(a) to facilitate maximum war production during the war, and to expedite reconversion from war production to civilian production as war conditions permit;
(b) to assure to prime contractors and subcontractors, small and large, speedy and equitable final settlement of claims under terminated war contracts, and adequate interim financing until such final settlement;
(c) to assure uniformity among Government agencies in basic policies and administration with respect to such termination settlements and interim financing;
(d) to facilitate the efficient use of materials, manpower, and facilities for war and civilian purposes by providing prime contractors and subcontractors with notice of termination of their war contracts as far in advance of the cessation of work thereunder as is feasible and consistent with the national security;

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(e) to assure the expeditious removal from the plants of prime contractors and subcontractors of termination inventory not to be retained or sold by the contractor;
(f) to use all practicable methods compatible with the foregoing objectives to prevent improper payments and to detect and prosecute fraud.