38 USC 7285 - Practice and registration fees

(a) The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims may impose a periodic registration fee on persons admitted to practice before the Court. The frequency and amount of such fee shall be determined by the Court, except that such amount may not exceed $30 per year. The Court may also impose a registration fee on persons (other than judges of the Court) participating at judicial conferences convened pursuant to section 7286 of this title or in any other court-sponsored activity.
(b) Amounts received by the Court under subsection (a) of this section shall be available to the Court for the following purposes:
(1) Conducting investigations and proceedings, including employing independent counsel, to pursue disciplinary matters.
(2) Defraying the expenses of

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(A) judicial conferences convened pursuant to section 7286 of this title; and
(B) other activities and programs of the Court that are intended to support and foster communication and relationships between the Court and persons practicing before the Court or the study, understanding, public commemoration, or improvement of veterans law or of the work of the Court.