38 USC 4103A - Disabled veterans outreach program

(a) Requirement for Employment by States of a Sufficient Number of Specialists.— 

(1) Subject to approval by the Secretary, a State shall employ such full- or part-time disabled veterans outreach program specialists as the State determines appropriate and efficient to carry out intensive services under this chapter to meet the employment needs of eligible veterans with the following priority in the provision of services:
(A) Special disabled veterans.
(B) Other disabled veterans.

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(C) Other eligible veterans in accordance with priorities determined by the Secretary taking into account applicable rates of unemployment and the employment emphases set forth in chapter 42 of this title.
(2) In the provision of services in accordance with this subsection, maximum emphasis in meeting the employment needs of veterans shall be placed on assisting economically or educationally disadvantaged veterans.
(b) Requirement for Qualified Veterans.— 
A State shall, to the maximum extent practicable, employ qualified veterans to carry out the services referred to in subsection (a). Preference shall be given in the appointment of such specialists to qualified disabled veterans.
(c) Part-Time Employees.— 
A part-time disabled veterans outreach program specialist shall perform the functions of a disabled veterans outreach program specialist under this section on a half-time basis.