38 USC 3674A - Evaluations of agency performance; qualifications and performance of agency personnel

(a) The Secretary shall
(A) conduct, in conjunction with State approving agencies, an annual evaluation of each State approving agency on the basis of standards developed by the Secretary in conjunction with the State approving agencies, and
(B)  provide each such agency an opportunity to comment on the evaluation;

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(2) take into account the results of annual evaluations carried out under paragraph (1) when negotiating the terms and conditions of a contract or agreement under section 3674 of this title;
(3) cooperate with State approving agencies in developing and implementing a uniform national curriculum, to the extent practicable, for training new employees and for continuing the training of employees of such agencies, and sponsor, with the agencies, such training and continuation of training; and
(4) prescribe prototype qualification and performance standards, developed in conjunction with State approving agencies, for use by such agencies in the development of qualification and performance standards for State approving agency personnel carrying out approval responsibilities under a contract or agreement entered into under section 3674 (a).
(1) Each State approving agency carrying out a contract or agreement with the Secretary under section 3674 (a) of this title shall
(A) apply qualification and performance standards based on the standards developed under subsection (a)(4); and
(B) make available to any person, upon request, the criteria used to carry out its functions under a contract or agreement entered into under section 3674 (a) of this title.
(2) In developing and applying standards described in subsection (a)(4), the State approving agency may take into consideration the States merit system requirements and other local requirements and conditions.
(3) The Secretary shall provide assistance in developing such standards to a State approving agency that requests it.