38 USC 3542 - Special training allowance

(a) While the eligible person is enrolled in and pursuing a full-time course of special restorative training, the eligible person shall be entitled to receive a special training allowance computed at the basic rate of $788 per month. If the charges for tuition and fees applicable to any such course are more than $247 per calendar month, the basic monthly allowance may be increased by the amount that such charges exceed $247 a month, upon election by the eligible person to have such persons period of entitlement reduced by one day for each such increased amount of allowance that is equal to one-thirtieth of the full-time basic monthly rate of special training allowance.
(b) No payments of a special training allowance shall be made for the same period for which the payment of an educational assistance allowance is made or for any period during which the training is pursued on less than a full-time basis.
(c) Full-time training for the purpose of this section shall be determined by the Secretary with respect to the capacities of the individual trainee.