38 USC 3474 - Discontinuance for unsatisfactory conduct or progress

The Secretary shall discontinue the educational assistance allowance of an eligible veteran if, at any time, the Secretary finds that according to the regularly prescribed standards and practices of the educational institution, the veterans attendance, conduct, or progress is unsatisfactory. The Secretary may renew the payment of the educational assistance allowance only if the Secretary finds that
(1) the veteran will be resuming enrollment at the same educational institution in the same program of education and the educational institution has both approved such veterans reenrollment and certified it to the Department of Veterans Affairs; or
(2) in the case of a proposed change of either educational institution or program of education by the veteran
(A) the cause of the unsatisfactory attendance, conduct, or progress has been removed;
(B) the program proposed to be pursued is suitable to the veterans aptitudes, interests, and abilities; and

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(C) if a proposed change of program is involved, the change meets the requirements for approval under section 3691 of this title.