38 USC 3104 - Scope of services and assistance

(a) Services and assistance which the Secretary may provide under this chapter, pursuant to regulations which the Secretary shall prescribe, include the following:
(1) Evaluation, including periodic reevaluations as appropriate with respect to a veteran participating in a rehabilitation program, of the potential for rehabilitation of a veteran, including diagnostic and related services
(A)  to determine whether the veteran has an employment handicap or a serious employment handicap and whether a vocational goal is reasonably feasible for such veteran, and
(B)  to provide a basis for planning a suitable vocational rehabilitation program or a program of services and assistance to improve the vocational rehabilitation potential or independent living status of such veteran, as appropriate.

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(2) Educational, vocational, psychological, employment, and personal adjustment counseling.
(3) An allowance and other appropriate assistance, as authorized by section 3108 of this title.
(4) A work-study allowance as authorized by section 3485 of this title.
(5) Placement services to effect suitable placement in employment, and postplacement services to attempt to insure satisfactory adjustment in employment.
(6) Personal adjustment and work adjustment training.
(A) Vocational and other training services and assistance, including individualized tutorial assistance, tuition, fees, books, supplies, handling charges, licensing fees, and equipment and other training materials determined by the Secretary to be necessary to accomplish the purposes of the rehabilitation program in the individual case.
(B) Payment for the services and assistance provided under subparagraph (A) of this paragraph shall be made from funds available for the payment of readjustment benefits.
(8) Loans as authorized by section 3112 of this title.
(9) Treatment, care, and services described in chapter 17 of this title.

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(10) Prosthetic appliances, eyeglasses, and other corrective and assistive devices.
(11) Services to a veterans family as necessary for the effective rehabilitation of such veteran.
(12) For veterans with the most severe service-connected disabilities who require homebound training or self-employment, or both homebound training and self-employment, such license fees and essential equipment, supplies, and minimum stocks of materials as the Secretary determines to be necessary for such a veteran to begin employment and are within the criteria and cost limitations that the Secretary shall prescribe in regulations for the furnishing of such fees, equipment, supplies, and stocks.
(13) Travel and incidental expenses under the terms and conditions set forth in section 111 of this title, plus, in the case of a veteran who because of such veterans disability has transportation expenses in addition to those incurred by persons not so disabled, a special transportation allowance to defray such additional expenses during rehabilitation, job seeking, and the initial employment stage.
(14) Special services (including services related to blindness and deafness) including
(A) language training, speech and voice correction, training in ambulation, and one-hand typewriting;
(B) orientation, adjustment, mobility, reader, interpreter, and related services; and
(C) telecommunications, sensory, and other technical aids and devices.
(15) Services necessary to enable a veteran to achieve maximum independence in daily living.
(16) Other incidental goods and services determined by the Secretary to be necessary to accomplish the purposes of a rehabilitation program in an individual case.
(b) A rehabilitation program (including individual courses) to be pursued by a veteran shall be subject to the approval of the Secretary.