38 USC 3561 - Authority and duties of Secretary

(a) The Secretary may provide the educational and vocational counseling authorized under section 3520 of this title, and may provide additional counseling if the Secretary deems it to be necessary to accomplish the purposes of this chapter.
(b) Where any provision of this chapter authorizes or requires any function, power, or duty to be exercised by a State, or by any officer or agency thereof, such function, power, or duty shall, with respect to the Republic of the Philippines, be exercised by the Secretary.

38 USC 3562 - Nonduplication of benefits

The commencement of a program of education or special restorative training under this chapter shall be a bar
(1)  to subsequent payments of compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation, or pension based on the death of a parent to an eligible person over the age of eighteen by reason of pursuing a course in an educational institution, or
(2)  to increased rates, or additional amounts, of compensation, dependency and indemnity compensation, or pension because of such a person whether eligibility is based upon the death or upon the total permanent disability of the parent.

38 USC 3563 - Notification of eligibility

The Secretary shall notify the parent or guardian of each eligible person whose eligibility is based on the death or disability of a parent or on a parent being listed in one of the categories referred to in section 3501 (a)(1)(C) of this title of the educational assistance available to such person under this chapter. Such notification shall be provided not later than the month in which such eligible person attains such persons thirteenth birthday or as soon thereafter as feasible.

38 USC 3564 - Annual adjustment of amounts of educational assistance

(a) With respect to any fiscal year, the Secretary shall provide a percentage increase in the rates payable under sections 3532, 3534 (b), and 3542 (a) of this title equal to the percentage by which
(1) the Consumer Price Index (all items, United States city average) for the 12-month period ending on the June 30 preceding the beginning of the fiscal year for which the increase is made, exceeds
(2) such Consumer Price Index for the 12-month period preceding the 12-month period described in paragraph (1).
(b) Any increase under subsection (a) in a rate with respect to a fiscal year after fiscal year 2004 and before fiscal year 2014 shall be rounded down to the next lower whole dollar amount. Any such increase with respect to a fiscal year after fiscal year 2013 shall be rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount.