38 USC 3540 - Purpose

The purpose of special restorative training is to overcome, or lessen, the effects of a manifest physical or mental disability which would handicap an eligible person (other than a person made eligible under subparagraph (C) of such section[1] by reason of a spouse being listed in one of the categories referred to in that subparagraph) in the pursuit of a program of education.
[1] See References in Text note below.

38 USC 3541 - Entitlement to special restorative training

(a) The Secretary at the request of an eligible person is authorized
(1) to determine whether such person is in need of special restorative training; and
(2) where need is found to exist, to prescribe a course which is suitable to accomplish the purposes of this chapter.

Such a course, at the discretion of the Secretary, may contain elements that would contribute toward an ultimate objective of a program of education.

(b) The total period of educational assistance under this subchapter and other subchapters of this chapter may not exceed the amount of entitlement as established in section 3511 of this title, except that the Secretary may extend such period in the case of any person if the Secretary finds that additional assistance is necessary to accomplish the purpose of special restorative training as stated in subsection (a) of this section.

38 USC 3542 - Special training allowance

(a) While the eligible person is enrolled in and pursuing a full-time course of special restorative training, the eligible person shall be entitled to receive a special training allowance computed at the basic rate of $788 per month. If the charges for tuition and fees applicable to any such course are more than $247 per calendar month, the basic monthly allowance may be increased by the amount that such charges exceed $247 a month, upon election by the eligible person to have such persons period of entitlement reduced by one day for each such increased amount of allowance that is equal to one-thirtieth of the full-time basic monthly rate of special training allowance.
(b) No payments of a special training allowance shall be made for the same period for which the payment of an educational assistance allowance is made or for any period during which the training is pursued on less than a full-time basis.
(c) Full-time training for the purpose of this section shall be determined by the Secretary with respect to the capacities of the individual trainee.

38 USC 3543 - Special administrative provisions

(a) In carrying out the Secretarys responsibilities under this chapter the Secretary may by agreement arrange with public or private educational institutions or others to provide training arrangements as may be suitable and necessary to accomplish the purposes of this subchapter. In any instance where the Secretary finds that a customary tuition charge is not applicable, the Secretary may agree on the fair and reasonable amounts which may be charged for the training provided to the eligible person.
(b) The Secretary shall make such rules and regulations as the Secretary may deem necessary in order to promote good conduct on the part of the persons who are following courses of special restorative training and otherwise to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
(c) In a case in which the Secretary authorizes training under section 3541 (a) of this title on behalf of an eligible person, the parent or guardian shall be entitled
(1) to receive on behalf of the eligible person the special training allowance provided for under section 3542 (a) of this title;
(2) to elect an increase in the basic monthly allowance provided for under such section; and
(3) to agree with the Secretary on the fair and reasonable amounts which may be charged under subsection (a).