38 USC 1121 - Basic entitlement

The surviving spouse, child or children, and dependent parent or parents of any veteran who died before January 1, 1957 as the result of injury or disease incurred in or aggravated by active military, naval, or air service, in line of duty, during a period of war, shall be entitled to receive compensation at the monthly rates specified in section 1122 of this title.

38 USC 1122 - Rates of wartime death compensation

(a) The monthly rates of death compensation shall be as follows:
(1) Surviving spouse but no child, $87;
(2) Surviving spouse with one child, $121 (with $29 for each additional child);
(3) No surviving spouse but one child, $67;
(4) No surviving spouse but two children, $94 (equally divided);
(5) No surviving spouse but three children, $122 (equally divided) (with $23 for each additional child, total amount to be equally divided);
(6) Dependent parent, $75;
(7) Both dependent parents, $40 each.
(b) The monthly rate of death compensation payable to a surviving spouse or dependent parent under subsection (a) of this section shall be increased by $79 if the payee is
(1)  a patient in a nursing home or
(2)  blind, or so nearly blind or significantly disabled as to need or require the regular aid and attendance of another person.