37 USC 410 - Travel and transportation allowances: miscellaneous categories

(a) The following persons are entitled to such travel and transportation allowances provided by section 404 of this title as prescribed by the Secretaries concerned
(1) cadets of the United States Military Academy;
(2) midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy;
(3) cadets of the United States Air Force Academy;
(4) cadets of the Coast Guard Academy;
(5) applicants for enlistment;
(6) rejected applicants for enlistment;
(7) general prisoners;
(8) discharged prisoners;
(9) insane patients transferred from military hospitals to other hospitals or to their homes; and
(10) persons discharged from Saint Elizabeths Hospital after transfer from a uniformed service.
(b) The Secretary concerned shall, in prescribing allowances under subsection (a), consider the rights of the United States, as well as those of the persons concerned.