36 USC 2111 - Presidential duties and powers

(a) Arrangements With Foreign Countries.— 
The President is requested to make the necessary arrangements with the proper authorities of the appropriate foreign countries to enable the American Battle Monuments Commission to carry out this chapter.
(b) Transfer of Administrative Duties and Powers and Supplies, Material, and Equipment to Commission.— 

(1) The President by executive order may transfer to the Commission
(A) the same administrative duties and powers related to a permanent military cemetery located outside the United States and the territories and possessions of the United States that were transferred to the Commission by Executive Order 6614, February 26, 1934, and Executive Order 10057, May 14, 1949, as amended by Executive Order 10087, December 3, 1949; and

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(B) supplies, material, and equipment located in the permanent military cemetery or in a military depot overseas that
(i) the Department of Defense does not need; and
(ii) the Commission requests to carry out the duties and powers specified in clause (A) of this paragraph.
(2) After a transfer under this subsection, the Commission shall maintain the cemetery and all improvements in it.