36 USC 2104 - Military cemeteries in foreign countries

When, as a result of combat operations, the Armed Forces establish military cemeteries in zones of operations outside the United States and the territories and possessions of the United States, the American Battle Monuments Commission and the Secretary of the Army, immediately on the cessation of hostilities, shall decide which of the cemeteries will become permanent cemeteries or, if they decide it is desirable, shall select new sites for the cemeteries at any other location. The Commission is solely responsible for the design and construction of the permanent cemeteries, and of all buildings, plantings, headstones, and other permanent improvements incidental to the cemeteries, except that
(1) the Armed Forces are responsible for maintaining the permanent cemeteries until the Commission declares its readiness to assume the authorized administrative duties and powers;
(2) all construction undertaken by the Armed Forces in establishing and maintaining the cemetery prior to its transfer to the Commission shall be nonpermanent;
(3) burials and reburials by the Armed Forces shall be carried out in accordance with plans prepared by the Commission; and
(4) the Armed Forces have the right to re-enter a cemetery transferred to the Commission to exhume or re-inter a body if they decide it is necessary.