36 USC 2103 - Administrative

(a) General Authority.— 
Subject to appropriations made to carry out this chapter, the American Battle Monuments Commission may
(1) acquire land or an interest in land in a foreign country to carry out the purposes of this chapter, or an executive order conferring duties and powers on the Commission, without submission to the Attorney General under section 3111 of title 40;
(2) maintain, repair, and operate motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles and other property that another department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States Government provides to the Commission;
(3) establish offices in the District of Columbia and elsewhere in or outside the United States;

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(4) rent office and garage space, which may be paid for in advance, in foreign countries; and
(5) procure printing, binding, engraving, lithographing, photographing, and typewriting, including the publication of information on United States activities, battlefields, memorials, and cemeteries with respect to which the Commission may exercise any duties and powers.
(b) Disposition of Land.— 
Under conditions and in the manner the Commission decides is proper, the Commission may dispose of land or an interest in land in a foreign country that the Commission acquires in connection with its work.
(c) Contracting Out.— 
Notwithstanding the requirements of existing laws or regulations, the Commission, under conditions the Commission decides are necessary and proper, may contract for work, supplies, materials, and equipment outside or for use outside the United States and engage the services of architects and other technical and professional personnel.
(d) Delegation.— 
Under conditions the Commission may prescribe, the Commission may delegate to its Chairman, secretary, or officials in charge of any of its offices any of its authority it considers necessary and proper.
(e) Solicitation and Receipt of Contributions.— 

(1) The Commission may solicit and receive funds and in-kind donations and gifts from any State, municipal, or private source to carry out the purposes of this chapter. The Commission shall deposit such funds in a separate account in the Treasury. Funds from that account shall be disbursed upon vouchers approved by the Chairman of the Commission.
(2) The Commission shall establish written guidelines setting forth the criteria to be used in determining whether the acceptance of funds and in-kind donations and gifts under paragraph (1) would
(A) reflect unfavorably on the ability of the Commission, or any member or employee of the Commission, to carry out the responsibilities or official duties of the Commission in a fair and objective manner; or
(B) compromise the integrity or the appearance of the integrity of the programs of the Commission or any official involved in those programs.

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(f) Limitation on Use of Contributions.— 
The Commission may not obligate, withdraw, or expend amounts received as contributions before March 1, 1998.
(g) Statements to President.— 
The Commission shall transmit to the President on October 1 of each year a statement of all its financial and other transactions during the prior fiscal year.
(h) Financial Statements and Audits.— 

(1) The Commission shall have a system of financial controls to enable the Commission to comply with the requirements of paragraph (2) of this subsection and with section 2106 (d)(4) of this title.
(2) The Commission shall
(A) by March 1 of each year (beginning with 1998)
(i) prepare a financial statement which covers all accounts and associated activities of the Commission for the prior fiscal year and is consistent with the requirements of section 3515 of title 31; and
(ii) submit the financial statement, together with a narrative summary, to the Committees on Veterans Affairs of the Senate and House of Representatives; and
(B) obtain an audit by the Comptroller General of each financial statement prepared under subparagraph (A) of this paragraph, which shall be conducted in accordance with applicable generally accepted government auditing standards and shall be in lieu of any audit otherwise required by law.
(i) Disposition of Records and Archives.— 
When no longer required by the Commission, the records and archives of the Commission shall be deposited with the National Archives in accordance with section 2107 of title 44.
(j) Seal.— 
The Commission shall have a seal that shall be judicially noticed.
(k) Disbursements Outside Continental United States.— 
Disbursements for expenditures outside the continental United States may be made by a special disbursing agent designated by the Commission under regulations it prescribes.