28 USC 1877 - Protection of jurors

(a) Subject to the provisions of this section and title 5 of the United States Code, subchapter 1 of chapter 81, title 5, United States Code, applies to a Federal grand or petit juror, except that entitlement to disability compensation payments does not commence until the day after the date of termination of service as a juror.
(b) In administering this section with respect to a juror covered by this section
(1) a juror is deemed to receive monthly pay at the minimum rate for grade GS2 of the General Schedule unless his actual pay as a Government employee while serving on court leave is higher, in which case monthly pay is determined in accordance with section 8114 of title 5, United States Code, and
(2) performance of duty as a juror includes that time when a juror is

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(A)  in attendance at court pursuant to a summons,
(B)  in deliberation,
(C)  sequestered by order of a judge, or
(D)  at a site, by order of the court, for the taking of a view.