25 USC 3405 - Plan requirements

For a plan to be acceptable pursuant to section 3403 of this title, it shall
(1) identify the programs to be integrated;
(2) be consistent with the purposes of this chapter authorizing the services to be integrated in a demonstration project;
(3) describe a comprehensive strategy which identifies the full range of potential employment opportunities on and near the tribal governments service area, and the education, training and related services to be provided to assist Indian workers to access those employment opportunities;
(4) describe the way in which services are to be integrated and delivered and the results expected from the plan;

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(5) identify the projected expenditures under the plan in a single budget;
(6) identify the agency or agencies of the tribal government to be involved in the delivery of the services integrated under the plan;
(7) identify any statutory provisions, regulations, policies, or procedures that the tribal government believes need to be waived in order to implement its plan; and
(8) be approved by the governing body of the affected tribe.