25 USC 1665a - Indian Health Service program

(a) Comprehensive prevention and treatment program 

(1) The Secretary, acting through the Service, shall provide a program of comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse prevention and treatment which shall include
(A) prevention, through educational intervention, in Indian communities;
(B) acute detoxification and treatment;

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(C) community-based rehabilitation;
(D) community education and involvement, including extensive training of health care, educational, and community-based personnel; and
(E) residential treatment programs for pregnant and post partum women and their children.
(2) The target population of such program shall be members of Indian tribes. Efforts to train and educate key members of the Indian community shall target employees of health, education, judicial, law enforcement, legal, and social service programs.
(b) Contract health services 

(1) The Secretary, acting through the Service, may enter into contracts with public or private providers of alcohol and substance abuse treatment services for the purpose of assisting the Service in carrying out the program required under subsection (a) of this section.
(2) In carrying out this subsection, the Secretary shall provide assistance to Indian tribes to develop criteria for the certification of alcohol and substance abuse service providers and accreditation of service facilities which meet minimum standards for such services and facilities as may be determined pursuant to section 2411 (a)(3) of this title.
(c) Grants for model program 

(1) The Secretary, acting through the Service shall make a grant to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to develop a community-based demonstration project to reduce drug and alcohol abuse on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and to rehabilitate Indian families afflicted by such abuse.
(2) Funds shall be used by the Tribe to

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(A) develop and coordinate community-based alcohol and substance abuse prevention and treatment services for Indian families;
(B) develop prevention and intervention models for Indian families;
(C) conduct community education on alcohol and substance abuse; and
(D) coordinate with existing Federal, State, and tribal services on the reservation to develop a comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse program that assists in the rehabilitation of Indian families that have been or are afflicted by alcoholism.
(3) The Secretary shall submit to the President for inclusion in the report to be transmitted to the Congress under section 1671 of this title for fiscal year 1995 an evaluation of the demonstration project established under paragraph (1).