25 USC 1621p - American Indians Into Psychology Program

(a) Grants 
The Secretary may provide grants to at least 3 colleges and universities for the purpose of developing and maintaining American Indian psychology career recruitment programs as a means of encouraging Indians to enter the mental health field.
(b) Quentin N. Burdick American Indians Into Psychology Program 
The Secretary shall provide one of the grants authorized under subsection (a) of this section to develop and maintain a program at the University of North Dakota to be known as the Quentin N. Burdick American Indians Into Psychology Program. Such program shall, to the maximum extent feasible, coordinate with the Quentin N. Burdick Indian Health Programs authorized under section 1616g (b) of this title, the Quentin N. Burdick American Indians Into Nursing Program authorized under section 1616e (e) of this title, and existing university research and communications networks.
(c) Issuance of regulations 

(1) The Secretary shall issue regulations for the competitive awarding of the grants provided under this section.

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(2) Applicants for grants under this section shall agree to provide a program which, at a minimum
(A) provides outreach and recruitment for health professions to Indian communities including elementary, secondary and community colleges located on Indian reservations that will be served by the program;
(B) incorporates a program advisory board comprised of representatives from the tribes and communities that will be served by the program;
(C) provides summer enrichment programs to expose Indian students to the varied fields of psychology through research, clinical, and experiential activities;
(D) provides stipends to undergraduate and graduate students to pursue a career in psychology;
(E) develops affiliation agreements with tribal community colleges, the Service, university affiliated programs, and other appropriate entities to enhance the education of Indian students;
(F) to the maximum extent feasible, utilizes existing university tutoring, counseling and student support services; and
(G) to the maximum extent feasible, employs qualified Indians in the program.
(d) Active duty service obligation 
The active duty service obligation prescribed under section 254m of title 42 shall be met by each graduate student who receives a stipend described in subsection (c)(2)(D) of this section that is funded by a grant provided under this section. Such obligation shall be met by service
(1) in the Indian Health Service;

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(2) in a program conducted under a contract entered into under the Indian Self-Determination Act [25 U.S.C. 450f et seq.];
(3) in a program assisted under subchapter IV of this chapter; or
(4) in the private practice of psychology if, as determined by the Secretary, in accordance with guidelines promulgated by the Secretary, such practice is situated in a physician or other health professional shortage area and addresses the health care needs of a substantial number of Indians.