25 USC 572 - Payments to individuals; expenditure of payments

There shall be credited on the books of the Office of Indian Affairs the sum of $2,450 to each member of said tribe whose name appears on the roll provided for in section 571 of this title, and out of such sum so credited the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to make available immediately to each individual member of the tribe the sum of $100; and, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, the sum of $1,350 to each adult and the sum of $500 to each minor for the following purposes: Purchase of land, improvement of lands to be acquired or already held by the Indian, for the erection and improvement of suitable homes, the purchase of building material, farming equipment, livestock, feed, food, seed, grain, tools, machinery, implements, household goods, bedding, clothing, and any other equipment or supplies necessary to enable the Indians to fit themselves for or to engage in farming, livestock, industry, or such other pursuits or vocations, including education, as will enable them to become self-supporting: Provided, however, That the funds of the aged, infirm, decrepit, and incapacitated members may be used for their proper maintenance and support in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior. The remainder of the share of each adult individual Indian, including accrued interest, shall be made available under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe, and the remainder of the share of each minor Indian shall, with accrued interest, be held intact until such Indian reaches the age of eighteen years, when it shall be available under the same conditions as herein provided for adults. As herein used the term adult shall include the members of the tribe eighteen years of age or over, and the term minor shall include all members less than eighteen years of age. On the death of any enrolled member, adult or minor, the sum on deposit to his credit shall be available for expenditure for the benefit of his heirs for the purposes herein authorized.