219 to 226. Repealed. May 21, 1934, ch. 321, 48 Stat. 787

Section 219, R.S. 2134, related to foreigners entering Indian country without passports, penalty for such entry and contents of passports. Section 220, R.S. 2147, related to authority to remove person from Indian country and to use of military force. Section 221, R.S. 2148, related to person returning after removal from Indian country. Section 222, R.S. 2149, related to authority to remove person from Indian reservation and use of necessary force. Section 223, R.S. 2150, related to employment of military. Section 224, R.S. 2151, related to detention and treatment of persons apprehended by military. Section 225, R.S. 2152, related to arrest of absconding Indians, use of military force to apprehend such Indians and to prevent tribal hostilities. Section 226, R.S. 2153, related to posse comitatus in executing process.