22 USC 4002 - Establishment of selection boards

(a) Evaluation of performance; recommendations 
The Secretary shall establish selection boards to evaluate the performance of members of the Senior Foreign Service and members of the Service assigned to a salary class in the Foreign Service Schedule. Selection boards shall, in accordance with precepts prescribed by the Secretary, rank the members of a salary class on the basis of relative performance and may make recommendations for
(1) promotions in accordance with section 4001 of this title;
(2) awards of performance pay under section 3965 (c) of this title;
(3) denials of within-class step increases under section 3966 (a) of this title;

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(4) offer or renewal of limited career extensions under section 4007 (b) of this title; and
(5) such other actions as the Secretary may prescribe by regulation.
(b) Public members; appointment of women and minority groups 
All selection boards established under this section shall include public members. The Secretary shall assure that a substantial number of women and members of minority groups are appointed to each selection board established under this section.
(c) Disqualification for service on foreign service selection boards 
No public members appointed pursuant to this section may be, at the time of their appointment or during their appointment, an agent of a foreign principal (as defined by section 611 (b) of this title) or a lobbyist for a foreign entity (as defined in section 1602 (6) of title 2) or receive income from a government of a foreign country.