21 USC 1708a - Annual report requirement

(a) In general 
On or before February 1 of each year, the Director shall submit a report to Congress that describes
(1) the strategy of the national media campaign and whether specific objectives of the campaign were accomplished;
(2) steps taken to ensure that the national media campaign operates in an effective and efficient manner consistent with the overall strategy and focus of the campaign;
(3) plans to purchase advertising time and space;

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(4) policies and practices implemented to ensure that Federal funds are used responsibly to purchase advertising time and space and eliminate the potential for waste, fraud, and abuse;
(5) all contracts entered into with a corporation, partnership, or individual working on behalf of the national media campaign;
(6) specific policies and steps implemented to ensure compliance with title IV of this Act;
(7) steps taken to ensure that the national media campaign will secure, to the maximum extent possible, no cost matches of advertising time and space or in-kind contributions that are directly related to the campaign in accordance with title IV of this Act; and
(8) a review and evaluation of the effectiveness of the national media campaign strategy for the past year.
(b) Audit 
The Government Accountability Office shall, at a frequency of not less than once per year
(1) conduct and supervise an audit and investigation relating to the programs and operations of the
(A) Office; or
(B) certain programs within the Office, including
(i) the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program;

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(ii) the Counterdrug Technology Assessment Center; or
(iii) the National Youth Anti-drug Media Campaign; and
(2) provide the Director and the appropriate congressional committees with a report containing an evaluation of and recommendations on the
(A) policies and activities of the programs and operations subject to the audit and investigation;
(B) economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the administration of the reviewed programs and operations; and
(C) policy or management changes needed to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in such programs and operations.