21 USC 1533 - Information collection and dissemination with respect to grant recipients

(a) Coalition information 

(1) General auditing authority 
For the purpose of audit and examination, the Administrator
(A) shall have access to any books, documents, papers, and records that are pertinent to any grant or grant renewal request under this subchapter; and
(B) may periodically request information from a grant recipient to ensure that the grant recipient meets the applicable criteria under section 1532 (a) of this title.
(2) Application process 
The Administrator shall issue a request for proposal regarding, with respect to the grants awarded under section 1532 of this title, the application process, grant renewal, and suspension or withholding of renewal grants. Each application under this paragraph shall be in writing and shall be subject to review by the Administrator.
(3) Reporting 
The Administrator shall, to the maximum extent practicable and in a manner consistent with applicable law, minimize reporting requirements by a grant recipient and expedite any application for a renewal grant made under this part.
(b) Data collection and dissemination 

(1) In general 
The Administrator may collect data from
(A) national substance abuse organizations that work with eligible coalitions, community anti-drug coalitions, departments or agencies of the Federal Government, or State or local governments and the governing bodies of Indian tribes; and
(B) any other entity or organization that carries out activities that relate to the purposes of the Program.
(2) Activities of Administrator 
The Administrator may
(A) evaluate the utility of specific initiatives relating to the purposes of the Program;
(B) conduct an evaluation of the Program; and
(C) disseminate information described in this subsection to
(i) eligible coalitions and other substance abuse organizations; and
(ii) the general public.
(3) Consultation 
The Administrator shall carry out activities under this subsection in consultation with the Advisory Commission and the National Community Antidrug Coalition Institute.
(4) Limitation on use of certain funds for evaluation of Program 
Amounts for activities under paragraph (2)(B) may not be derived from amounts under section 1524 (a) of this title except for amounts that are available under section 1524 (b) of this title for administrative costs.