21 USC 1531 - Establishment of drug-free communities support program

(a) Establishment 
The Director shall establish a program to support communities in the development and implementation of comprehensive, long-term plans and programs to prevent and treat substance abuse among youth.
(b) Program 
In carrying out the Program, the Director shall
(1) make and track grants to grant recipients;
(2) provide for technical assistance and training, data collection, and dissemination of information on state-of-the-art practices that the Director determines to be effective in reducing substance abuse; and
(3) provide for the general administration of the Program.
(c) Administration 
Not later than 30 days after receiving recommendations from the Advisory Commission under section 1542 (a)(1) of this title, the Director shall appoint an Administrator to carry out the Program.
(d) Contracting 
The Director may employ any necessary staff and may enter into contracts or agreements with national drug control agencies, including interagency agreements to delegate authority for the execution of grants and for such other activities necessary to carry out this subchapter.