15 USC 7304 - Briefings, hearings, witnesses, and subpoenas

(a) General authority 
The Director or his designee, on behalf of a Team, may conduct hearings, administer oaths, and require, by subpoena (pursuant to subsection (e) of this section) and otherwise, necessary witnesses and evidence as necessary to carry out this chapter.
(b) Briefings 
The Director or his designee (who may be the leader or a member of a Team), on behalf of a Team, shall hold regular public briefings on the status of investigative proceedings and findings, including a final briefing after the report required by section 7307 of this title is issued.
(c) Public hearings 
During the course of an investigation by a Team, the National Institute of Standards and Technology may, if the Director considers it to be in the public interest, hold a public hearing for the purposes of
(1) gathering testimony from witnesses; and
(2) informing the public on the progress of the investigation.
(d) Production of witnesses 
A witness or evidence in an investigation under this chapter may be summoned or required to be produced from any place in the United States. A witness summoned under this subsection is entitled to the same fee and mileage the witness would have been paid in a court of the United States.
(e) Issuance of subpoenas 
A subpoena shall be issued only under the signature of the Director but may be served by any person designated by the Director.
(f) Failure to obey subpoena 
If a person disobeys a subpoena issued by the Director under this chapter, the Attorney General, acting on behalf of the Director, may bring a civil action in a district court of the United States to enforce the subpoena. An action under this subsection may be brought in the judicial district in which the person against whom the action is brought resides, is found, or does business. The court may punish a failure to obey an order of the court to comply with the subpoena as a contempt of court.