15 USC 5901 - Findings

Congress finds that
(1) the distribution of goods and services to consumers in the United States requires the free flow of currency, bullion, securities, supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits, and other items of unusual value in interstate commerce;
(2) the armored car industry transports and protects such items in interstate commerce, including daily transportation of currency and supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits valued at more than $1,000,000,000;
(3) armored car crew members are often subject to armed attack by individuals attempting to steal such items;
(4) to protect themselves and the items they transport, such crew members are armed with weapons;

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(5) various States require both weapons training and a criminal record background check before licensing a crew member to carry a weapon; and
(6) there is a need for each State to reciprocally accept weapons licenses of other States for armored car crew members to assure the free and safe transport of valuable items in interstate commerce.