15 USC 80a53 - Election to be regulated as business development company

(a) Eligibility 
Any company defined in section 80a2(a)(48)(A) and (B) of this title may elect to be subject to the provisions of sections 80a–54 through 80a–64 of this title by filing with the Commission a notification of election, if such company
(1) has a class of its equity securities registered under section 78l of this title; or
(2) has filed a registration statement pursuant to section 78l of this title for a class of its equity securities.
(b) Form and manner of notification; effect 
The Commission may, by rule, prescribe the form and manner in which notification of election under this section shall be given. A business development company shall be deemed to be subject to sections 80a–54 through 80a–64 of this title upon receipt by the Commission of such notification of election.
(c) Revocation or withdrawal of election 
Whenever the Commission finds, on its own motion or upon application, that a business development company which has filed a notification of election pursuant to subsection (a) of this section has ceased to engage in business, the Commission shall so declare by order revoking such companys election. Any business development company may voluntarily withdraw its election under subsection (a) of this section by filing a notice of withdrawal of election with the Commission, in a form and manner which the Commission may, by rule, prescribe. Such withdrawal shall be effective immediately upon receipt by the Commission.